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How To Download Directly From Crackdb.com

Some of you may not know this, others may already knew it, however, because
of Sod rules which do no not allow indirect crack links, and because CrackDB
is a very good resource for cracks, i will show how to post links that lead
to a direct download from CrackDB.

The CrackDB server sends the archive of a crack as an attachment to the respond
for an HTTP request made by your browser, this means you (and your browser)
will never know the real location of the file, because of this you can't post a direct
link to the crack in your topic.

Using the Referer variable we can overcome this problem, but what referer to
use? if you used the domain name http://www.crackdb.com/
you will get nothing but a useless image file.

The correct refere is shown on your browser address bar. For example, if you
want the crack for IsoBuster Pro v1.6 you just type the name in the search box
and press Enter, the next page displays a list of items that match or nearly
match your search keywords, click on IsoBuster Pro v1.6 from the list and
you are now in the download page, the hyperlink named "Download" is the
link that initiates the request to the server to download the file, which looks
like this:


The referer is now displayed on your browser address bar, which looks like this:


Now, you use both links to refer to a direct crack download from CrackDB, like this

Use this referer:

Any member now can copy & paste the links into his/her download manager and
start downloading immediatley.

I hope you find something usefull here. Thanx for reading this.
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