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Download dan Linux

how to execute chm files in linux

download the following rpms on ur pc:-


and also install them in the same sequence. using the command:-

rpm -ivh

Note:- i am giving the path of packages for fedora cpre 3. if want for any other os take a look at the following sites.

chmlib:- http://dag.wieers.com/packages/chmlib/
wxGTK:- ftp://rpmfind.net/linux/dag/
xchm: - platform independent for all redhat's.............

Step 1:
If you havn't already done so, pick the file you want to send

Step 2:

Plug in your own email as the recipient's (A good way is to get a Gmail account. If you need one, PM me.) ,
select the file to send (up to 1GB).

Step 3: (The most important)
The normal is 25 downloads per file and then they disable it.
Here's what you do -
copy and paste this:


in front of the yousendit link it self.. so basicallly it will look like this when you are done

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