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How To Make Perfect Copies Of Maxis The Sims Discs, CloneCD Style!

verry simple.. get the latest version from h**p://slysoft.com download it , install, restart.

now that it's installed. Click in the "Read to Image" icon.. click next to get to the next screen.. select "Protected PC Game" click next.. and after it makes the image.. exit the program..

Now re-open CloneCD
click on the "Write from image" icon.. clicik next.. select "Protected PC Game" and click next.. NOTE:!! i tested this method with an CD-RW.. so far i wont/cant test with a CD-R (shouldn't make a difference) because i'm down to my last 3 CD-R's.. so you can try a CD-R.. i dont care but sofar i tested with the TDK 80min/700mb CD-RW blanks..

now i had it working without a patch.. after i burnt the disc.. i installed the sims from the burnt copy and tried to load.. IT Worked! i've got the sims in the background as i speak!.. not sure if anyone else knew about this but i got this idea in a dream about Digimon and Dragon Drive.. (DONT EVEN ASK WHY!) but "Guilmon" and "Chibi" said Tom.. to make a Perfect copy of The Sims CD's.. Use Clone CD.. afterwards . i woke up.. and i tried it! henh .. uncanny hunh?

How To Make Your Own Radio Station

Must HAVE Winamp (Any Version)
First, things First your speed has to be at least 256/64 kbps (which means Dial-up users, will have alot of latency, just dnt bother)
Second, your going to have to have a domain, an updated one with the current i.p active. (Could be anything e.g. My sig)

Now, Your gonna have to download the Shoutcast Files.

Go to www.shoutcast.com to get the files.

Ok After downloading these, installing Both of them in any order i dnt care. Go to START>PROGRAM FILES>SHOUTcast DNAS>EDIT SHOUTCAST DNS CONFIG.

Ok your gonna have to Configure it:
Go Down and where it says password: change (that means your gonna have to change it to whatever, make sure u remember)
The Portbase: change it to whatever port you want it
Maxusers: (lets be realistic here, dnt put in 10000, like NXS's radio station) your bandwidth has to be extremely good, if your cable, 50 user max is ok, ADSL should stay below 10 users, and T1 connections should do whatever tickles there fantasy.


Go to OUTPUT, and then click on Connection, Through the ADDRESS, type your address which you have done through www.no-ip.com, PORT NUMBER, whatever u did in the EDIT.txt, and your password.

Then go to Encoder, and choose your quality of your music. Go back to OUTPU>OUTPUT CONFIG> YELLOW PAGES. this is your advertisemant information. dow hatever you like there.

Now Connect. to check that your Radio os on-line go to http://(your address that you added in the prefrence)
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