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Great Tip For Mp3 Searching On Google,

i think all of you know it but if someone dont than here it is
go to this page:


enter you gmail account as the email address

fill all the other blanks and continue the registration

go to your gmail account and verify the registration and know sign in with msn

actually this works will all emails not only gmail

Here's a couple of good links to tutorials for newsgroups I use them a lot and find them very fast and loaded with good stuf


the best newsreader I've found (but not the only one recommended)


The best way to search newsgroups


Not all ISP will carry the best binary groups it varies from one provider to another there are some pay newsservers out there with good retention time and a large number of groups.Anyway happy hunting.

Great Tip For Mp3 Searching On Google,

go to google copy and paste in

?intitle:index.of? mp3

and after mp3 put in an artist or album or whatever and hit enter... what you get is lists of downloadable mp3s


?intitle:index.of? mp3 santana

Another trick:

Use the following

inurl:microsoft filetype:iso

You can change the string to watever you want, ex. microsoft to adobe, iso to zip etc…

Another trick:


Replace "Warez" with "Gamez" "Mp3" anything you like....
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