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Making Cd Version Of Doom3 Into Dvd Version

Step 1: Create the following temporary directory:
Step 2: Copy the full contents of the original CD#1 to TempDir.
Copy all :\SETUP\DATA\BASE\*.PK4 files to the TempDir\SETUP\DATA\BASE directory.
* Copy all :\SETUP\DATA\BASE\*.PK4 files to the TempDir\SETUP\DATA\BASE directory.
Step 3: Replace the \DOOM 3.MSI file with the one from Link 1
Replace the \SETUP\DATA\DOOM3.EXE file with the one from Link 2
Step 4: Burn the contents of TempDir to a DVD-R and using this DVD-Label: DOOM3_DVD
Step 5: Remove/Clear the TempDir.
Step 6:Play the game!





Is it disturbing to you when every other Web page you visit has a different font size?. One web page's font is too small, and another web page's fonts are too big.
Well here's a way to fix that and set each web page's fonts to just the size you want.

In Internet Explorer, select: Tools-Internet Options, choose the General tab, click the Accessibility button, and check Ignore font sizes specified on Web pages (the wording varies depending on your IE version).

In Netscape 6 and 7, choose Edit-Preferences, select Fonts (double-click Appearance if you don't see 'Fonts' listed), and then either check Use my default fonts or uncheck Allow documents to use other fonts, depending on your version (the wording of these choices also varies).

Now all Web page fonts should be of uniform size on all pages.
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