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making a .cue file, in notepad

open up notepad n type (or copy n paste) this:

TRACK 01 MODE1/2352
INDEX 01 00:00:00

change the word NAME.BIN inside the quotation marks to whatever the name of your BIN file is.......

when you go to 'save as'

in the 'files of type' ..click on the arrow n change from text document (*.txt) to 'all files'

n name it the same as the bin file

for instance..if the bin file is anything.bin

save your cue file as anything.cue

after ya save it copy n paste the file ta the folder with your bin file

If you don't already have a copy of MusicMatch Jukebox, download one from musicmatch.com. The "Plus" version has more features and burns CDs faster, but the free version works just fine for converting files

1. Install music match box and then restart your computer if it asks
2. open music matchbox and click file convert files
3. in the bottom right hand corner called 'destination type' change it to mp3 pro.
4.you can edit the bitrate but the higher the bitrate the bigger the size
5. choose the songs you want to convert and click start

***if you want to try something different repeat step one and 2 and instead of making the destintion type mp3 pro make it 'mp3pro vbr'

again the lower the setting the smaller the size.
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